Flora // 50*70cm

Flora // 50*70cm

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Berenice Hernández (Mexico)

Overlapping, intertwined and immersive, Flora brings the organic vibrancy of Mexico’s plants to life. Local artist Berenice Hernandez has combined a background of orange, pink and white, with a hit of orange, red, blue and black to form an organic and expressive composition. Both surreal and soothing, the soft shapes and vibrant colours uniquely combine Hernadez’ hand painted and graphic approach to form.

Located between the cooler mountains and suffocating desert heat of Monterrey in the north of Mexico, the studio of Berenice Hernandez takes inspiration from her surroundings to produce artwork with vibrancy and colour. With a background in art direction and graphic design, she combines her knowledge with subjects taken from her Mexican heritage. Botany contributes the focus of her work, brought to life through a mix of illustration, engraving, painting and textile techniques. The result is abstracted, bold plants and flowers, presented with a graphic touch.

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